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'I'm a Believer': 90-Year-Old Tennessee Man Shares Miraculous Survival amid Intense Floods

Tré Goins-Phillips : Aug 24, 2021

"I talked to God a little bit. He talked back. I was not afraid. He calmed me down, and we just stood there and watched." -Buddy McNabb

[] Standing at his kitchen window, 90-year-old Buddy McNabb had an Ark-like experience as he and his three dogs watched the water around his mobile home continue to rise. (Image: Screengrab via Faithwire)

A sheriff in Waverly, Tennessee, said Sunday at least 22 people died in the record-setting rain that precipitated devastating floods in Humphreys County.

McNabb—initially believing he would be among those who passed away—credited his miraculous survival to God during an interview with The Weather Channel... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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