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Pro-Life Doctor's Medical License Reinstated After He Was Suspended For Refusing To Do Late-Term Abortion

Jeanne Smits : Feb 26, 2021

A new resolution acknowledged that Argentinian Dr. Leandro Rodríguez Lastra's right to practice was taken away without a valid reason.

airlift(Argentina) — [] Argentinian Dr. Leandro Rodríguez Lastra, a pro-life gynecologist whose registration had been suspended by the Ministry of Health in the Entre Ríos province because he refused to perform a late-term abortion, has been allowed to resume his medical practice after litigation. (Image: via LifeSiteNews)

His doctor's license was withdrawn after he was convicted in Río Negro in March 2020 and deprived of his right to be employed in public institutions. Local health authorities had gone one step further, making it impossible for him to continue in private practice.

Because of his objection in 2017, the life of a baby was saved at 23 weeks' gestation after the little boy's mother was refused a legal abortion that she sought on the grounds that she had been raped. Under the law, she had no obligation to prove the rape.

The abortion had already been refused in neighboring towns when she came to Cipolletti, where Rodriguez Lastra headed the gynecology department of the public hospital; he had not previously made himself known as a conscientious objector.

She came to Cipolletti alleging that she had been given Oxaprost (Misoprostol) by a women's rights group in order to induce abortion. She asked for the abortion to be completed. Rodriguez Lastra considered her at risk of a serious and even life-threatening infection and administered anti-contraction medication. He was also unable to determine whether she had in fact taken abortion-inducing pills.

There was no dilation or bleeding. He judged her to be about five months along and in no condition to receive abortion pills at that stage (chemical abortion is linked to complications for the mother after 10 or 12 weeks of pregnancy).

The woman remained hospitalized with her full consent, according to Rodriguez Lastra, to await a Cesarean as soon as her baby had every chance of surviving the operation. At 7 1/2 months, the baby was born in good health... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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