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Forced to Choose between Career and Children Due to COVID: Moms Quit Jobs to Home School

Caitlin Burke : Dec 16, 2020

"Every mom, every person, period, has to make difficult decisions. But when a mother sees that things have to shift quickly, we kind of just step in and we make it happen...I knew that I wasn't going to be able to go full-throttle in my career... Now I'm a teacher again." -Danyae Thomas

[] Since COVID-19 initially slammed the economy, we're now seeing a recovery; with stronger than expected job growth, falling unemployment rates, and even payroll increases. However, the latest numbers also reveal more working mothers being forced to choose between careers and their children. (Image: Unsplash-StandsomWorklifestyle /via Faithwire)

Some of the earliest jobs lost to the pandemic came in restaurants, salons, hotels and retail—all industries dominated by women. Then, as the economy began to re-open, many schools remained closed, keeping students home to learn virtually and forcing parents to make it work.

"I was then working from home and also being a teacher, so I'm home-schooling four different children, helping them, managing different learning styles, helping them get what they need while trying to progress in my professional career," Danyae Thomas told CBN News.

It wasn't long before that became unsustainable for Thomas and she chose to quit her job as a director for a non-profit to focus full time on her family. She is now among the nearly 900,000 women who left the workforce in September, right as the school year began... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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