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3,000 Pro-lifers Take Part in German March for Life amid Covid Restrictions

Martin B├╝rger : Sep 24, 2020

"The March for Life was and is a pure pro-life demonstration. This includes all people from conception to death, their right to life and their protection of life. Therefore, we naturally observe the official regulations in Berlin, which require a mouth and nose covering, and a minimum distance as a hygiene concept, and we also have a stock of pro-life scarves on site for this purpose." -Alexandra Linder, chairwoman of Bundesverband Lebensrecht

(Berlin, Germany) — [] More than 3,000 pro-lifers last Saturday gathered in the German capital to participate in the annual "March for Life," restricted to some extent by measures intended to fight COVID-19 and threatened by a left-wing mob that attempted to disrupt the peaceful event. (Image: 2020 March for Life in Berlin, Germany /via LifeSiteNews)

One of the speakers at the rally preceding the march, blind singer Bernarda Brunovic, said, "We need a change in society, in ideologies. Life is so beautiful, every life is unique, we must stand up for it!"

Politician Johannes Singhammer, formerly one of the vice presidents of the German parliament, emphasized the holistic concept of creation, since man was part of creation, and thanked all participants in the march for standing up for the right to life of all people.

A mother who refused to kill her daughter in utero after a diagnosis of anencephaly gave her testimony, saying, "The pressure on us to abort was very high and very tempting at a particularly difficult time. We are very happy that we were allowed to hold Hanna in our arms."

Alexandra Linder, chairwoman of Bundesverband Lebensrecht, the umbrella organization of pro-life groups in Germany, stressed the priority of human dignity, which should not be subordinated to any other rights such as autonomy or self-determination. "Only with the human dignity that every human being has unconditionally from his conception until his death, a humane constitutional state can last," she said. During an ecumenical worship service after the march, Archbishop Heiner Koch of Berlin asked, "What is man, what is actually his greatness, his dignity, what is his life?" Even though billions of people populate the earth, every single human person "is great, because every human being is unique … Man, never forget your greatness and dignity, never forget them, and promote the greatness of every human being in every phase of his life." Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg was present for the march, as were Bishop Wolfgang Ipolt of Görlitz, Germany's smallest diocese and the first to reinstate the Sunday obligation after the height of the coronavirus crisis, and Bishop Florian Wörner, an auxiliary bishop in the Diocese of Augsburg... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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