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Miraculous: Amid Wildfires that Consumed Talent, Oregon, This Church Building is 'Still Standing'; 'Pray for the Northwest!'

Ivan Roman : Sep 15, 2020

"Our church is the only building standing. We are so saddened for all the loss. When we are able to, this building will be used to heal our city!" -Pastor Ivan Roman

airlift[] Intro from Julie A. Smith: The Northwest has been dealing with horrific wildfires spreading across our region with smoke covering much of the area. Pastor Ivan Roman shared this from his Facebook page with an astonishing picture of the church he pastors in Southern Oregon called, Empowered Life Church. (Image: Empowered Life Church, top right side with white roof /via Elijah List)

Saints, please continue to pray for all wildfires in the Northwest to cease, for an abundance of rain, and for the smoke to clear the atmosphere. Let's pray for all those who've lost their homes and loved ones and for our frontline firefighters and first responders, who are working around the clock to put out these horrific fires! Lord, let it rain! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

airliftJulie A. Smith, Managing Editor and Producer
Elijah List Publications and Elijah Streams TV

Dear Elijah List family,

This community has always been so supportive to me that I wanted to put out a plea for prayer. On Tuesday, Sept 8th, our beautiful valley has experienced the worst fire in Oregon's history. The picture here shows the destruction we experienced in Talent, Oregon (Southern Oregon area). Around the church were businesses, apartment complexes, and homes. They are now all burnt to the ground. (See first photo above)

It's a miracle the church building stands and was unharmed from the fire. We are both extremely grateful and saddened at the destruction around us. In the days to come, we will use this church to release hope and healing to our broken communities. 

At this time, we cannot use the facility due to the city being closed to the public. I am so proud to live in Southern Oregon; people have joined together to serve one another during this tragic time. People are going above and beyond what I have personally ever experienced as they care for one another.

We are also so grateful to our first responders for risking their lives to save ours. They continue to labor tirelessly for our safety.

airliftHowever, our present needs are more significant than earthly help. At this time, 600 homes have burned to the ground, and there won't be an official death count until all debris is removed.

I am asking that this community puts up a prayer shield for all of those affected by the fires. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Please agree with me in prayer:

Father, we pray safety and protection over our first responders. We ask that You would comfort those who've lost loved ones, homes, and businesses. Father, we ask that rain would put out every fire still burning. We pray that those looking for hope would come running to You, Lord. I am asking You to turn what the enemy meant for evil and release an outpouring of Your Spirit that releases healing and harvest beginning in Southern Oregon, the Northwest, and into the nations. In Jesus' name!

To give toward families who've lost homes during the fires in our area, go to and write: Fire Relief.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Ivan Roman
Friend of God Ministries

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Ivan & Erica Roman are revivalists, prophetic teachers and senior leaders at Empowered Life Church in Medford, Oregon. Ivan has a Master's Degree in Theology and has studied at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. He travels both locally and internationally, ministering in Bible schools, conferences and churches. Ivan & Erica have a heart to see God's Kingdom demonstrated in everyday living. They currently reside in Medford, Oregon with their three boys Isaiah, Aren and Ezra.