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A Drunk Driving Victim's Extreme Forgiveness: 'When You Truly Think About How Much Christ Has Forgiven You, It Helps You to Forgive Others Who Have Wronged You'

Milton Quintanilla : Jul 31, 2020
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"The judge looked at me and said, 'Why do you want to forgive this man that debt?' And I looked at that judge, and I told him, 'Because I have a Savior that forgave me. He paid my debts that I could never repay.' When I forgave that man, I was instantly freed from bitterness and anger ... Now, I'm able to walk in freedom and wholeness." -Darrin Ray

[] Despite growing up in a Christian household, Darrin Ray believed that he was unloved by God because of all of the hardships he had to endure. (Image: I Am Second /via Christian Headlines)

In an interview with The Christian PostRay recalled how God would providentially work through it all in a powerful testimony of forgiveness. Ray's story was also featured on I Am Second, a non-profit organization that features the stories of Christians with life-changing testimonies... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Click here to read more and watch the I Am Second video of Ray's inspirational testimony.