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Abby Johnson's Pro-Life 'LoveLine' Ministry Gets Off to An Incredible Start

Will Maule : Jan 10, 2020

"We've tapped into a deep need for people to help others, to feel like they are doing something to make a positive difference in another's life. The immediate response from people to help has been overwhelming." -Pamela Whitehead, director of ProLove Ministries and LoveLine

[] LoveLine, the latest ministry founded by former Planned Parenthood director and pro-life activist, Abby Johnson, has had an incredible first few months. (Image: via Pixabay)

Since launching the initiative, which aims to help provide practical assistance to pregnant women in crisis, LoveLine has provided over $22,000 in household and material goods, serving 43 women and 66 children in total.

Historically, pregnant women and moms in crisis have had to wait far too long for government support, putting them at imminent risk. After spending years working to connect the women with local charities and support, Johnson decided to create a dedicated central database and helplineā€”and at that, LoveLine was born... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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