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Worship Leader Jake Hamilton: Kanye Is Proof We Need to Make Room for People 'In Process' with Faith

News Staff : Nov 19, 2019
Charisma News

"We're so busy killing people who are in process that the ones who are really messed up ... feel like they don't have a place in our communities, because they want to love Jesus ... if we give them an on-ramp that makes sense to them ... I think they would feel safe ... In the context of worship we give them a place to encounter the God who's ridiculously amazing." -Jake Hamilton, worship leader

[] Worship leader Jake Hamilton shared his recent experience at a Kanye West concert and his impressions of Kanye's new Christian faith on a recent episode of Questions with God. In a clip posted to YouTube, Hamilton says West dramatized his salvation experience with Jesus Christ at a recent concert with Kendrick Lamar. Hamilton says he saw a man dressed as Jesus walk out on-stage and have a conversation with West about his faith. (Screengrab image: via WPTV /via Charisma News)

"[West] says, 'Jesus, I'm so sorry. I've been such a bad man,'" Hamilton says. "And [Jesus says,] 'Kanye, don't you know I didn't come here to make bad men good. I came here to make dead men alive.' And then the beat for 'Jesus Walks' drops and then the shows ends."

Hamilton adds, "The point is that the church has no grid for that. Right? Like, there's not really a grid for someone who's in process. We are all—I guess for me, I'm like, we're so busy killing people who are in process that the people who are really messed up out there, they feel like they don't have a place in our communities. Because they want to love Jesus, they really do ... I think they would feel safe if they knew they weren't going to get a blog written about them next week about how they're a horrible sinner. Because that's what we do. The people at the highest level of our church systems—they fall and we have, like, a blog, a media post, and we're ready to comment on it. It's just not safe." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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