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'Church of the Astronauts' Still Celebrates Lunar Communion Sunday; and Other 'Faith Facts' Surrounding the Lunar Landing's 50th Anniversary

Emily McFarlan Miller-RNS : Jul 19, 2019
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Did you know there was an 'Apollo Prayer League'?

[RNS via] ...Fact #2: THE "CHURCH OF THE ASTRONAUTS" STILL CELEBRATES LUNAR COMMUNION SUNDAY (Image: Creative Commons/ Christian Headlines)

Webster Presbyterian Church still celebrates Lunar Communion Sunday every year on the Sunday closest to the July 20 anniversary of the moon landing.

According to the Presbyterian Church (USA) Office of the General Assembly, Webster Presbyterian has been called the "church of the astronauts." It's been the spiritual home of many astronauts and employees from the nearby Johnson Space Center, including John Glenn, one of NASA's original Mercury Seven astronauts and the first American to orbit the Earth, and Jack Kinzler, who engineered the American flag Aldrin and Armstrong planted on the moon so it would wave in space... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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