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House Ousts Antisemitic Ilhan Omar from Foreign Affairs Committee in Party Line Vote

Ashley Oliver   |   Feb 3, 2023

FOIA Victory: Representative Swalwell Stripped from Intelligence Position after ACLJ Exposed His Connections to Chinese Communist Spy

Jordan Sekulow   |   Jan 26, 2023

Speaker McCarthy to Remove Swalwell, Schiff, Omar from House Committees

Michael W. Chapman   |   Jan 11, 2023

US Congresswoman Introduces Resolution to Label Israel's Founding a 'Catastrophe'

Emily Jones   |   May 19, 2022

Democrats Introduce Bill to Provide $1 Billion for Israel's Iron Dome after Progressives Had Eliminated It

Emily Jones   |   Sep 23, 2021

Dems to Vote on Iron Dome Funding This Week after Nixing it from Spending Bill: 'Iron Dome Saves Lives. Blocking Funding for Iron Dome Helps Terrorists Kill Civilians'

Emily Jones   |   Sep 22, 2021

Sen. Rand Paul: If We Are Going to Criminalize Speech, Schumer, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar Should Be Held Accountable

Jeff Poor   |   Feb 8, 2021

ICE, FBI, DOJ, and Dept of Education Called in to Investigate Rep. Ilhan Omar

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz   |   Jan 17, 2020

Rep. Ilhan Omar Illegally Used Campaign Money to Fund Her Illicit Affair, FEC Compliant Alleges

Rick Moran   |   Aug 29, 2019

Congressman Says Islam's Growing Influence Within Democrat Party is Fueling Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish Views: Religious Irony in Siding With Pro-Abortion, Gay Marriage

Jeff Poor   |   Aug 22, 2019

President Trump Encourages US Jews to be Loyal to Israel

Ryan Jones   |   Aug 21, 2019

Omar-Tlaib Israel Trip Was Planned by Anti-Semitic Group with History of 'Blood Libels, Nazi Screeds, Celebration of Terrorists'

Emily Jones   |   Aug 19, 2019

After Israel Changes Decision to Allow Tlaib, Not Omar, to Visit Country, Tlaib Refuses

News Staff   |   Aug 16, 2019

Prime Minister Netanyahu Blocks Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from Entering Israel

News Staff   |   Aug 15, 2019

Dems, Republicans Unite for Bipartisan Israel Trip While 'The Squad' Stays Home

Chris Mitchell   |   Aug 12, 2019

House Lawmakers Overwhelmingly Condemn Anti-Israel BDS Movement: Bipartisan Resolution

Emily Jones   |   Jul 24, 2019

Shocking Video Shows Anti-Trumper Rep. Tlaib Yelling and Disrupting His Event, Hauled Out by Secret Service

Benjamin Gill   |   Jul 22, 2019

Evangelist Alveda King Says, Shame on 'The Squad': 'Ladies, Use Your Faith, Not Your Hate'

Dr. Alveda King   |   Jul 19, 2019

This Is What Happened When Democrats Tried to Impeach President Trump Last Night

Benjamin Gill   |   Jul 18, 2019

President of National Black Pro-Life Union, a "Woman of Color," Agrees with President Trump: If You Hate America You're Welcome to Go

Dr. Day Gardner   |   Jul 18, 2019

Citizens in Ilhan Omar's Minnesota District Defy Ruling and Show Up at City Hall to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Todd Starnes-Opinion   |   Jul 11, 2019

In Israel, Florida's Governor Hailed as Making the Sunshine State the "Most Pro-Israel" in America

Josh Hasten   |   May 31, 2019

FACT CHECK: Ilhan Omar Is Spreading a Big Lie About Recently Passed Pro-Life Heartbeat Bills

TrĂ© Goins-Phillips   |   May 24, 2019

Hundreds Rally in Times Square to Protest Anti-Semitic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

Matt Margolis   |   May 22, 2019

New York Times Finally Issues Glaring Retraction: Jesus WASN'T Palestinian, He was a "Jew Who Was Born in Bethlehem"

Michael Foust   |   May 1, 2019

No, Jesus Was NOT a Palestinian': Jews, Christians Blast Ilhan Omar for Claiming Jesus Wasn't Jewish

Emily Jones   |   Apr 25, 2019

Dan Crenshaw Defends Criticism of Ilhan Omar's Dismissive 9/11 Comment: No Way Did It "Incite Violence"

Abigail Robertson, Steve Warren   |   Apr 17, 2019

Iraq War Veteran Sworn in as US Anti-Semitism Envoy: "No Administration Has Been More Passionate about Protecting Jewish People"

Jackson Richman   |   Apr 12, 2019

Outrage Erupts after Rep. Ilhan Omar Describes 9/11 Attack on America as "Some People Did Something"

Emily Jones   |   Apr 10, 2019

"Take it From This Benjamin, It's Not About the Benjamins": More from Netanyahu to AIPAC, Including Gaza Plan

David Lazarus   |   Mar 27, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Tells Cheering AIPAC Crowd of 18,000: "Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism"

News Staff   |   Mar 26, 2019

Vice-President Pence Condemns Democrats Boycott of AIPAC: Ilhan Omar "Should Never" Sit on Powerful Committee

Emily Jones   |   Mar 26, 2019

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Israel: 'God May Have Raised Up Trump Like He Raised Up Esther'

David Brody   |   Mar 22, 2019

Lawmakers Refuse to Single Out Anti-Semitism: Pass Resolution Condemning All Bigotry Instead

Emily Jones   |   Mar 8, 2019

'Disturbing Trend': Will the Democratic Party Turn Anti-Semitic?

Michael Brown-Opinion   |   Mar 7, 2019

House to Vote on Resolution Condemning Rep. Omar's Anti-Semitic Remarks

News Staff   |   Mar 5, 2019

Muslim Congresswoman's District Reported to be "Terrorist Recruitment Capital" of US: How Did This Happen?

Emily Jones   |   Feb 18, 2019

President Trump and Vice-President Pence Call for Ilhan Omar to Resign for Disgraceful Anti-Semitic Tweets and Insincere Apology

News Staff   |   Feb 13, 2019

Muslim Congresswoman in Hot Water Again on Both Political Sides over Anti-Semitic Tweets: Accuses Jews of Bribing American Lawmakers

Emily Jones   |   Feb 11, 2019

Paula White: Sarah Sanders is Right, President Trump Was Elected to Protect Religious Values

Pastor Paula White-Opinion   |   Feb 6, 2019

Muslim Anti-Israel Congresswoman Given Seat on Powerful Foreign Affairs Panel

Eric Cortellessa   |   Jan 18, 2019

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