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Boy's Dream of Building a Church Fulfilled After His Death

Teresa Neumann : Oct 20, 2009
Scott Canon - Kansas City Star

It all started when he was asked to preach to other children at church.

Photomicrograph: Thale Cress(Kansas City, Kansas)—The Kansas City Star has reported on the recently fulfilled dream of Mackintyre McDill-Garton, a little boy who, about a year ago, died of an aneurysm at the age of 9-years-old. (Photo: Keith Myers Mackintyre/Kansas City Star)

According to the report, when Mackintyre was only 6-years-old, he was asked to give a sermon to other children at his church, and from that time on he dreamed of building a church overlooking his grandparent's property and preaching in it on Sundays.

Said reporter Scott Canon: "He'd picked a spot for the church, one day digging a toe into the ground near his grandparents' home—a bucolic spot between Lathrop, Holt and Plattsburg—and declaring, 'We'll put it here.'"

So serious was he about this venture, that when he died it was discovered he had set aside $1,038 from birthday and other holiday gifts for that express purpose.

In fulfillment of his dream, a 36-ft. by 24-ft. modest white church with a "Dairy Queen red" roof was constructed. Last week, 100 people attended the dedication of the church.

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