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"Who Is This Jesus Who's Healed My Friend?" --Atheists, Hindus, Muslims, Receive Healing, Salvation at Australian Medical Clinic

Aimee Herd : Apr 15, 2005

According to a report by, a general practitioner in Australia and member of the Metro North Christian Centre, Dr. Louise, took a bold step of outreach for her patients recently as she invited Canadian healing evangelist Bob Brasset to minister at her medical clinic.

Those patients who accepted Dr. Louise's invitation to a "healing meeting" were from all walks of life, including agnostics, Hindus, Muslims, atheists and Homosexuals. On the day of the meeting, there was food, drink and colorful decorations around, as the waiting room filled up. With people overflowing into the hallway, Dr. Louise spoke to her patients, pointing out that sometimes medicine doesn't have all the answers, but Jesus does. Then she introduced Bob Brasset.

Ministry "God is for people. God loves people. God is not angry with anyone in this room," said Brasset. "He dealt with that at the cross. Jesus did not come into the world to condemn the world, but rather that through Him the world might be saved. Today, Jesus will forgive all your sins if you ask Him and He will also heal all your diseases." Later, he remarked, "Almost every single person I ministered to accepted Christ in that building. Almost every person I ministered to got healed."

Open Heaven reports on one young woman named Justine, who was on crutches with a foot injury that didn't heal right. After she was prayed over, "She jumped up and kept pointing at her foot and then looking back at her friend exclaiming that she was healed." Justine's friend said, "Who is this Jesus who's healed my friend?" They both gave their lives to Him and, to use their words, were "blown away."