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Woman Survives Over 60 Foot Drop in Bridge Collapse—"When I said 'Jesus' I felt like He took over and took care of me"

Aimee Herd : Aug 4, 2007
Breaking Christian News

"All I can say is 'praise God' because He spared me-to walk away from that.... I can't even believe it happened, but I actually walked away."

(Minnesota)-Lois Welman, a Minnesota resident, was one of those commuters driving over the I 35 W bridge, this past Wednesday, when it suddenly collapsed without warning, tossing cars into the Mississippi River, crushing and pinning others.

Lois not only survived the horrific ordeal of falling over 60 feet in her car, but-when she called on Jesus-she experienced peace in the midst of the turmoil.

The following is Lois' testimony of God's supernatural protection, in her own words:

"I was coming down Washington St., and took the entrance onto 35 W and the bridge, I went three-fourths of the way across, when things started to ripple-like a domino effect." (Photo:

"It was rather scary, I felt like we had an earthquake! I looked in my mirror and saw [the pavement] split-the road went straight up in the air about 30 feet. A person in a car at the top started to fall backwards, and then my car began going down. I said, 'Wow, there's a big hole here and I don't know where I'm going to go.' Then I yelled, 'Jesus!'"

"The next thing I knew, there was a big loud 'thump' and my air-bag hit me in the face. I looked around and I was at the bottom, 60 feet lower. I was wondering what happened, and realized that I was still alive. I looked out my window and there was a truck next to me with a car underneath it, and a car on the other side of the pavement sitting up about 60 feet."

"I got out and wondered what I should do next. I wasn't bleeding or anything; I just had a backache and a headache. The first response was really fast, a fireman came down, he told me, 'If you're ok, you can just leave.' So I went down a service road, and a couple college kids were there, one girl took my hand and walked with me [and a construction worker who had fallen in his pickup] up to University Ave."

Lois went to the hospital and had numerous CT scans, but the only thing the doctors could find was a compressed fracture on her 8 and 9 vertebrae.

"All I can say is 'praise God' because He spared me-to walk away from that...," says Lois. "I can't even believe it happened, but I actually walked away."

"It happened very quickly, and the Lord just gave me perfect peace. I had peace, and then when I said 'Jesus,' I felt like He took over and took care of me," she added.

There were four people in vehicles in that particular area of the collapse, and Lois and the truck driver walked away.

As far as the experience being a terrifying one, Lois says, "Well, I just think with the Lord it wasn't. I just had peace through the whole thing. And [later] my daughter-in-law told me her friend was driving through there the day before, and [felt compelled] to pray for that area. She was just impressed to be praying over that place. And then my friend from Ohio told me, in the last few weeks she'd been praying for me a lot. I thought, 'Wow, praise God for all the prayers.'"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Prophetic intercessor Cindy Jacobs has some insight on the tragic events of this week in Minnesota, as she and her team have received many phone calls and emails asking what is the prophetic significance of the collapse in relation to the I-35: Highway of Holiness and Light The Highway projects. The following report comes from her newsletter.... -Aimee Herd, BCN.

"This is what I am hearing: We are crossing over into a new season, and we must make sure that we understand the perfect timing to cross the path. It is also important not to be daunted in the season of crossing over by shaking in your midst. God will see that you establish the way you need to go."

"What Satan meant for evil in Minnesota will be turned against him and his plans for the state. There will be a new release of an awakening across the entire region in the midst of the shaking."

"Rise up, Minnesotans! God loves you and He is there for you now as the God of all comfort! Old structures are passing away and the new will be built that cannot be shaken! For the old structures will fall into the river of God and the move of the Holy Spirit will sweep away tears and sorrow. New bridges will be built between the leaders of St. Paul and Minneapolis as the double portion is released along the I35 Highway of Holiness." (Cindy Jacobs)