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Rumors of Americans 'Turning Evangelical' Prompts Canadian Reporter to Head South to See for Himself

Teresa Neumann : Mar 18, 2005
Canadian Christianity

The Globe & Mail, a Canadian news publication which "is not known for its coverage of evangelical Christianity," published a three-part series called In God They Trust on the topic of the U.S. evangelical Christian right.

Reporter Ian Brown -- a "non-believer" -- admits that rumors of the U.S. "turning Evangelical" made him want to head south and check it out. Part one of the series, which ran in the March 12 edition, was called "Letting Jesus Drive," part two "Supersize Thee," and part three, "Family Values Central." Brown writes: "I thought I would climb in a car and try to meet a few religious people first-hand, without prejudice. I wasn't sure it was possible . . . I'm the most banal kind of secular, the kind of person who prays when he's scared, but doesn't believe the rest of the time. Can such a person meet believers on their own terms?"