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Give Him 15: A Deluge Is Coming

Dutch Sheets : Mar 21, 2023
Give Him 15

"...You will not be orphans, you will not be aimless. I will mentor you. My family will welcome you, care for you and embrace you. You will not be lost. I will take you in. There are rooms in My house for you. There's a seat at My table for you. My fathering nature, My fathering heart, will heal you..."

[] Today's post, submitted by my brother, Tim Sheets, is very encouraging. Let the words penetrate your heart; they contain many seeds. Reread them. Pray them. Prophesy them over your families, homes, congregations, cities and nations. Tim shares: (Screengrab image)

"Something very significant is beginning to accelerate throughout the earth. Holy Spirit has repeatedly prophesied that His movements will begin to rise in the earth realm. These movements will flow together in a mighty way, the likes of which have never been seen. I recently had a vision of a tsunami wave of revival that continually grew stronger and stronger. I believe this will be a Holy Spirit outpouring even greater than that which occurred in the book of Acts. In this outpouring Holy Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh, as prophesied in Joel 2:28. I can feel the synergy, wind and anointing of the Holy Spirit upon these words.

"Joel 2:28 says 'Your sons and daughters will prophesy.' Prophesy is the Hebrew word 'naba' and it means 'to speak God's message under Holy Spirit influence, to represent God's plan, will or His ways in words or songs.'(1) This revival and awakening will be saturated with the sounds of God's holy Word through spontaneous worship and prayer.

"In Joel 2:23, Joel prophesied that an era of outpouring would come when the former and latter rains will occur at the same time. Rain is sometimes used to represent revival or outpourings of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, as it is here. The springtime rains were referred to as the planting rains because they grew the seeds. The harvest rains, which were seven times greater, would ripen the harvest for reaping. Joel prophesied there would be a time when these rains occurred simultaneously. I believe we are in that time: an era of outpourings seven times greater than occurred in the book of Acts will take place, causing the harvest of a billion souls to be reaped, as has been prophesied.

"The Ekklesia has cried out for revival. We have prayed and decreed for the fire of God to fall and His mighty wind to blow. We are starting to see the beginnings of this. The revival at Asbury University in recent weeks has been absolutely amazing. Revival has also started to spread to other universities and college campuses. We are seeing desperate students, hungry for the presence of God. As a result, many are being saved, delivered, healed, refreshed and renewed.

"I believe this is just the beginning. We are stepping into supernatural, God-planned events. The revival currently taking place will spread and accelerate, becoming a worldwide Kingdom revival. People being forced to travel in order to experience revival is not God's plan. What is happening will spread throughout the land and become too widespread for Hell to stop.

"Recently, during one of my prayer times, I became deeply burdened to pray for the younger generation. As I did so, I was impacted emotionally to the point of weeping. As I prayed and wept, I received a prophetic download from the Holy Spirit. The timing of this turned out to be significant, which initially I only mentioned to two people - my wife, Carol, and my brother, Dutch. I didn't want to interject myself into something that was holy and precious, I simply wanted to pray into it, which is what I have done.

"However, I know the timing was not a coincidence and, more importantly, I believe it confirms what is occurring in this season. I received this download between 9:30 A.M. and 10:30 A.M. Wednesday morning, February 8th. The Asbury University revival began at 10 A.M. that same day during their chapel service. My intercession and the word I received was given to me at the exact time this outpouring began, though I wouldn't hear about the revival breaking out until the next day. I knew Holy Spirit had given me a confirming word that revival would spread through the earth.

"Through my tears I wrote the following as Holy Spirit spoke to me that morning: 'Behold and understand the mysterious wisdom of the Godhead destroying the works of the forever loser. See Their vision for a new era unfolding. The earth realm has seen the entrance and actions of King Jesus for two millennia. This has occurred at levels and in ways never before seen, or even anticipated, by the loser and his fallen ones. The King's personhood and His ministry of redemption, salvation and grace have been presented in the earth realm; His Kingship has been declared above all powers.

"'Holy Spirit, the Comforter, Enabler and Communicator has been presented in the earth realm, filling the heirs with the presence and power of His person. (Image: Unsplash-Jesus Loves Austin)

"'Now see new expressions, new discoveries, new dimensions, greater revelation and amplified levels of the Father's heart to those made in His image and likeness. Now see His fathering anointing released into the earth in glorious measures. Now see the greatness of Father's heart as it hovers over and says to a fatherless generation, I want you. I will be your Father. You will not be fatherless. You will not be confused. You will not be lost. You will know My love is set upon you.

"'You will not be orphans, you will not be aimless. I will mentor you. My family will welcome you, care for you and embrace you. You will not be lost. I will take you in. There are rooms in My house for you. There's a seat at My table for you. My fathering nature, My fathering heart, will heal you.

"'My hovering presence will realign and define you. I will transform you. My heart of love for you will bring clarity to your purpose. You will not be without identity. You will be a son; you will be a daughter, you will be an heir, My heir. I will father you. My family will train you. I will love you to your destiny. I will clear the lies, the confusion, and I will bring your true identity."'

"Holy Spirit said new levels and new expressions of Father's heart will now be presented, much of it pointed at the young generation. His fathering anointing poured into the earth realm will break the yoke of abandonment. This will cause the hearts of the fathers to turn to the children and their brokenness will be healed. Millions will become free and know the great love of the heavenly Father.

"In summary, 'the era of transforming shifts' will now begin. Father is going to reveal His greatness to the world. Earth's harvest will be reaped as 'a new era Church' is found to be about the Father's business. God's family will grow exponentially and Hell won't be able to stop it.

"I have no doubt God gave me this word, not only as confirmation of this growing revival, but as a prayer assignment. It is vital that we cover this move and outpouring in prayer." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Pray with me:

Lord, pour out Your Spirit on all flesh, just as You said. Do so throughout our nation, especially on college campuses. We thank You for the outpourings of Your Spirit we have already seen, for the lives that have been changed. But we know this is only the beginning of a mighty revival.

Abba, release Your "father heart" to bring healing and transformation to the young generation around the world. Release Your love to them, awakening them to a divine, holy destiny. End their confusion of purpose, gender, morality, who You actually are, and what love really is. You said You would give them a seat at Your table - we ask for this. What we are asking is for Your "father heart" to explode upon an entire generation. We decree that as You sow, prodigals will come home. Fan the flames and let this revival spread across the land.

We know that Holy Spirit is now supervising this new movement of unprecedented rain. He is breathing life, preparing to release miracles, healings, signs and wonders on the earth. The heavens are pregnant with this rain. A revival greater than Acts is beginning to flow to us and through us.

Finally, we ask for the troops of Heaven, Your great angels, to fight alongside us. Holy Spirit, implement this major shift of the Kingdom of God in our nation. We decree that Your Kingdom has come and continues to manifest, Your will is being done. Send Your oil, Your fire, Your wind and rain. Do this, Father, for the eternal well-being of millions, the passion and pleasure of Your Son, and the glory of His great name. Amen.

Our decree:

We decree that new levels and expressions of Father's heart will now be presented to the young generation around the world, and that God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh.

Today's post was contributed by my brother, Tim Sheets. You can learn more about him at

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