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As Title 42 Comes to an End, ICE Nabs 138 Sex Offenders; More Likely on the Way

Lincoln Brown : Nov 23, 2022
PJ Media

"Federal Judge blocks federal authorities from using Title 42. This will further signal to cartels, human smugglers, & illegal immigrants that the border is wide open—inciting more violence & lawlessness. Disastrous." -Tweet by TX Governor Greg Abbott

[] With Title 42 slated to end on December 21, illegal immigrants have begun a renewed push for the Land of the Semi-Free and the Home of the (Few) Brave. Among their ranks will undoubtedly be some who just want a better life. But not all of them. Some will be human traffickers, some will be drug dealers, some will be run-of-the-mill criminals and some will be sex offenders. (Screengrab image)

Last week, ICE announced that it had rounded up 138 illegal immigrants who are also sex offenders. However, ICE was kind enough to refer to them as "noncitizens." The operation took place between October 22 through November 4 and included "those with an executable final order of removal." Final? Do you mean no one thought to get rid of them the first time around? Now they may be presented to the US Attorney's office?

Some of the offenders highlighted in the ICE report include:

A 65-year-old citizen of Mexico in La Puente, California, convicted by the Superior Court in Pomona of continuous sexual abuse of a child in March 2022
A 61-year-old citizen of Mexico in Richland, Washington, convicted by the Benton County Superior Court of child molestation in January 2020
A 50-year-old citizen of Mexico in Winnie, Texas, convicted by the Chambers County District Attorney's Office of sexual performance by child in August 2022
A 49-year-old citizen of Guatemala in Chicago, convicted by the Cook County Circuit Court of predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor in October 2017
A 49-year-old citizen of Cameroon in Front Royal, Virginia, convicted by the Circuit Court in Prince George County of sexual abuse of a minor in June 2022
A 44-year-old citizen of Haiti in Queens Village, New York, convicted by the Queens County Supreme Court of rape in the second degree, promoting prostitution in the second degree and promoting prostitution in the third degree in September 2017
A 42-year-old citizen of Bolivia in Levittown, New York, convicted by the Nassau County Court of first-degree rape in April 2002... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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