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Spiritual Heir of Renowned Healing Revivalist Smith Wigglesworth Visits Pennsylvania Town

Eyana Adah Mcmillan / Aimee Herd reporting : Mar 10, 2005
The York Dispatch

(York, PA) Mary “Mama” Jenkins (96) who was prophesied over by Smith Wigglesworth, the evangelist who was known during the late 1800’s for his healing ministry, will be visiting churches in several Pennsylvania counties in the next week.

Steven Jones, executive director of the Kidney Foundation of Central Pennsylvania had been trying to bring Jenkins to the area for five years. “Anyone who comes to these meetings will have a rare glimpse of Christian history," Jones remarked, “(Jenkins) is someone directly connected to the Wigglesworth ministry. Her story is pretty incredible…”

When Jenkins was about 3 years-old, she received a prophecy from Smith Wigglesworth that his spiritual gifting would be passed to her, but that it would not come to fruition until she was in her 60’s. Mary Jenkins heads Joy of Life Ministries in Stanford, Connecticut.