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Actress Sam Sorbo Warns Teachers (and Parents) about Sex Ed for Young Children being Taught in School

IFA / Breitbart Staff : Jun 16, 2021
Intercessors For America

"This has the earmarks of pedophilia all over it. This is human trafficking for children. This is conditioning them to be involved in that. It is a disaster and we're doing it in our public schools." -Sam Sorbo

[] Lord, we pray that you would protect our children. That you would give divine wisdom to the families in America in regards to education and what our children are hearing, seeing, and watching. (Image: Unsplash-Kelly Sikkema)

Warning: This contains graphic information. Sadly, we are warning you as adults, but children are the recipient of what you are about to read. That is disturbing–let's pray.

From Breitbart: Following a report detailing outraged parents of first-grade children at the exclusive New York City Dalton School discovering their children were shown a "sex ed" cartoon in which children talk about "touching themselves" for pleasure, actress and talk show host Sam Sorbo urged teachers to "stand up" and refuse to partake in corrupting our youth... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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