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Newport, OR: March 4, 2005: Magma, Lava, Undersea "Spreading" on Oregon's Ocean Floor Creates Swarm of 1500 Earthquakes in 36 Hours

Steve Shultz, Aimee Herd reporting : Mar 6, 2005
AP, Yahoo News

Note by Steve Shultz, Managing Editor, Breaking Christian News: Prayer is called for in this case as seafloor "spreading" has caused more than 1500 earthquakes in Oregon in 36 hours. The Intercessors should be informed to pray for the safety of Oregon and West Coast citizens, as it is often the case that seemingly insignificant and little-reported events often turn into larger events. Let's not be "caught" asleep in this hour, as happened in December in Asia. ---Steve Shultz, BREAKING CHRISTIAN NEWS

The Associated Press is reporting that thousands of small earthquakes occurring off the Oregon Coast are the result of an “earthquake swarm” that happened last weekend. The earthquake swarms are reportedly associated with the seafloor “spreading,” according to Robert P. Dziak, an Oregon State oceanographer. The small quakes don’t impose a threat of tsunami at this time, however a section of the Northwest sea floor known as the Cascadia subduction zone is similar to the Indian Ocean area that produced the magnitude 9 quake and the subsequent tsunami that wreaked havoc in Southeast Asia in December.