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Giant Pro-Life Billboard on Display in Times Square: "I Am the Pro-Life Generation"

Will Maule : Apr 15, 2019

"We had to fight to have our message heard as twice companies pulled the plug on our custom-made ad after intensive negotiations." Kristan Hawkins

(New York, NY) — [] An enormous pro-life advert has been displayed in Times Square. A bustling tourist attraction, the iconic location attracts over 300,000 patrons every day. The advertisement, which stands some 50-feet tall, was produced by Students for Life of America. (Image source: Pixabay/ahundt)

What does it say?

The massive billboard features pro-life women expressing their opposition to leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, along with other well-known slogans often used by the pro-life community. The women are depicted holding signs that read "I Don't Trust Planned Parenthood," "I Reject Abortion Extremism" and "I Am the Pro-Life Generation."

Why did Students for Life do this?

Given the enormous backlash to New York's recent passing of a bill that would widely legalize late-term abortion, it is no wonder that this location was a list-topper for the pro-life group. 

"When I asked our supporters if they wanted to send a pro-life message in Times Square, the answer was a resounding YES," said SFLA President Kristan Hawkins, according to LifeNews.

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