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by Judy Clair : Mar 13, 2019 : Faith, Family, America
Faith, Family, America

"Abortion is a sickening display of how far our nation has strayed from God. Pray for Ryan and for this case. Pray that courts, legislators, and the American people will wake up to the truth that abortion is murder." -Franklin Graham

(Albertville, AL)— [] Wow, as one commenter to Franklin Graham's passionate post said, "It's about time a father spoke up!" Thousands agreed. (Screengrab image: via YouTube)

In Alabama, a first-of-its-kind case is being brought before the court: a man is suing an abortion clinic for killing his unborn child without his consent. Normally we hear about women choosing to have abortions, with the unspoken understanding that the father did not want the child either. But not in this case... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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