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Florida Democrat Proposes Bill to Ensure Bible Classes Are Available in Public Schools

Will Maule : Jan 22, 2019

...The new legislation would be in line with current federal guidelines regarding religious neutrality in places of public education.

[] A Democratic Florida state representative has introduced a piece of legislation that would ensure that optional Bible classes are available to students attending public schools. (Photo: Facebook-State Representative Kimberly Daniels/via Faithwire)

Rep. Kimberly Daniels' (D-14th) Florida House Bill 195 would require "each school district to offer specified courses relating to religion, Hebrew Scriptures, and the Bible to certain students as elective courses."

The bill also specifies the allowance of a "brief meditation period," adding that the Florida Department of Education "must include the courses in the Course code Directory"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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