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UK Doctors Sound an Alarm On Their Government's Plan to Affirm Gender Changes WITHOUT a Medical Diagnosis

Calvin Freiburger : Oct 23, 2018

"The same caution is needed in treating adults with gender dysphoria. The largest study following adults who have undergone medical gender transition was conducted in Sweden," Thomas went on. "Thirty years after their transition, the suicide rate was 19 times higher among transgender adults than among the nontransgender population. It is clear that these results do not support the alleged curative effects of transition." -Dr. Rick Thomas

(United Kingdom)— [] Unconditionally recognizing whatever gender an individual claims to be would be a "dangerous" change to the status quo, a group of Christian medical professionals is warning the United Kingdom. (Photo: Creative Commons/Pixabay)

The UK's government is currently considering a proposal to let-gender-confused people change their legal gender without a medical diagnosis. Currently, the law requires such requests to have two medical reports, documentation proving someone has lived in their claimed "identity" for at least two years, and a fee.

The government claims the policy wouldn't force sex-specific services or facilities to accept transgender members of the opposite sex, but supporters and opponents are both unconvinced.

Regardless, the UK-based Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) submitted a statement by Dr. Rick Thomas to the government on Friday raising multiple objections to the plan. CMF represents more than 4,000 doctors and approximately 800 medical students in the UK.

While agreeing that some change to the status quo is called for, Thomas argued that self-declaration "would be harmful for individuals, their families and society as a whole," by making gender identity "simply a matter of a person's subjective feelings about themselves." This "new ideological dogma" that sex is nothing more than a "social construct" has "no evidence-base in science," he said.

"It is clear from a recent Australian study that gender dysphoria in young people is often accompanied by mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, including attempted suicide. According to trans activists this is due simply to 'minority stress' resulting from society's negative attitudes towards trans people, a claim without supportive evidence," Thomas continued. Further, there is "no proof that radical therapies such as puberty-blocking drugs, double mastectomies and cross-sex hormone treatment will prevent adolescents from attempting suicide"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here.

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