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Andrew Brunson Reveals What Helped Him Keep His Faith During Horrific Turkish Imprisonment

Will Maule : Oct 18, 2018

He also reveals the powerful moments in the Oval Room when he prayed for President Trump.

(New York, NY)—[] In an interview on Fox News Wednesday morning, newly freed pastor Andrew Brunson talked about his staggering Turkish prison ordeal and recalled the many things that helped him stay strong in his faith during his two years behind bars. (Screengrab: via Fox News)

The pastor explained how he traveled to the dangerous country because "it's one of the places in the world that has the least Christians." The motivation, Brunson said, was to share Jesus with as many as possible in the volatile Muslim-majority nation.

"We wanted to tell people about Jesus Christ. That's what our life has been about," he added.

As she continued to watch her husband suffer at the hands of the Turkish authorities, Brunson's wife, Norine, said she repeatedly asked God whether her husband's ministry was "worth it." It was something Pastor Brunson himself thought long and hard about while he was behind bars. But his answer was very clear—the cause of Christ is absolutely worth suffering for.

"Is it worth the suffering that we went through? Yes, it is," he declared.

But in such a dire and uncertain situation, Brunson knew he had to actively seek God in order to gather the strength required to endure such a long period of uncertainty and imprisonment.

"I just kept talking to God," he said, adding that... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here.

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