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Pro-Family Advocates Concerned as Pennsylvania's Governor Announces His New 'LGBT Affairs' Commission to Push Gay Agenda
by Calvin Freiburger : Aug 14, 2018 :

"[Gov. Tom Wolf] obviously thinks normalizing homosexuality and allowing men in women's bathrooms is at the top of the list. Pennsylvanians are a fair-minded people, but they do not want this agenda pushed on them and that is the exact purpose of this commission." -AFA of PA president Diane Gramley

(Harrisburg, PA)—[] Pennsylvania's Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order Monday creating the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, a body dedicated to promoting homosexual and transgender interests in a wide variety of ways. (Photo: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf/Tom Wolf, CC/via LifeSiteNews)

"The creation of the commission on LGBTQ Affairs is one step of many we have taken to ensure obstacles are removed for anyone who is facing an unfair disadvantage based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression," Wolf said. "It's a step we took together with our stakeholder and advocacy groups and one that those involved asked for a commission to help coordinate and drive statewide equality efforts."

The commission will be led by executive director Todd Snovel, the assistant dean for engagement and inclusion at Lebanon Valley College; Anne Wakabayashi as chair, and Shaashawn Dial and Tyler Titus as co-vice chairs. All 40 members are listed in the press release, which noted the commission is the first of its kind and follows existing state commissions for blacks, Asians, Latinos, and women.

Other commissioners prominent in state activism include LGBTQ Victory Fund political director Sean Meloy, William Way LGBT Community Center director Chris Bartlett, the Philadelphia Youth Network's Jere Mahaffey, state Sen. Larry Farnese, and state Rep. Brian Sims.

Wolf's executive order declares a need to "acknowledge the myriad contributions of LGBTQ Pennsylvanians, while also recognizing challenges still faced by many LGBTQ Pennsylvanians," and details several functions in pursuit of those ends.

The commission will give the governor advice and recommendations on LGBT-related policy questions, work with state agencies to "strengthen the enforcement of the Commonwealth's anti-discriminatory hiring, retention and promotion policies," and liaise with federal, state, and local governments to ensure LGBT-related programs "are effectively utilized and promoted."

The body will also help community organizations develop programs and other ways to "expand and enhance the civic, social, educational, cultural and economic status of LGBTQ individuals and communities;" identify resources such as scholarships and mentoring programs to benefit "LGBTQ individuals and communities;" and promote the "cultural arts of LGBTQ communities throughout the Commonwealth."

While pro-homosexual activists are celebrating the news, pro-family advocates are much more wary...

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