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Dr. Michael L. Brown: the Gay Community Knows We Have Strong Convictions but Christians Need to Apologize for Our Angry Behavior

Dr. Michael L. Brown / Aimee Herd reporting : May 6, 2006
Coalition of Conscience, CWS

The "Not Ashamed Charlotte" Christian rally is not intended to be a platform of hatred, but compassion.

Dr. Michael L. Brown According to a press release on the Christian Newswire, Dr. Michael L. Brown, Director of the Coalition of Conscience, has organized the first ever "Not Ashamed Charlotte" Christian rally, on Saturday, May 6th, in Marshall Park, Charlotte, N.C.

The date of the event is significant as it has usually been slated for the annual pro-homosexual Charlotte Pride event, but was open this year.

Dr. Brown cautions attendees, however, that the "Not Ashamed" event is not meant to stir up or voice ill intentions or hatred toward the homosexual community. "As followers of Jesus, we have often failed to treat homosexual men and women with compassion," explained Brown. "They know that we have non-negotiable differences with them on moral, ideological, and spiritual grounds, and they equate those differences with hatred. We want to break down the walls of hatred and instead build bridges for face to face interaction, without for a moment, compromising our convictions."

The city-wide rally is scheduled to take place from 3-4 p.m, in the park.

"The gay and lesbian community knows that we have strong moral convictions," added Dr. Brown, "and we make absolutely no apology for our biblical and moral views. But Christians have often treated homosexuals in a hateful and angry way, adding to the sense of rejection that many of them experience. For this, we want to apologize."