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"Astonishing" Stats: American Muslims Are Losing Their Faith Faster Than Christians
by Will Maule : May 16, 2018 :

"Americans are un-mosquing at an even faster rate than they are un-churching." -Michael David

(Washington, DC)—[] Many in the media, theologians and pollsters seem to be in a consensus that data shows American Christianity is in a steep decline. A series of polls from the last few years have revealed that the Church is hemorrhaging members at an alarming rate—particularly millennials. But, while analysts will continue to assess and contest the validity of such studies, one thing is clear—there is another faith community experiencing and even steeper decline, and very few are talking about it. (Photo: Free image via Max Pixel)

That religion is Islam.

A Pew survey taken earlier this year shows that, while America's Muslim population has risen by some 50 percent in the last decade, an astonishing 23 percent of those raised as Muslim no longer identify with that faith. This means that approximately 1 in 4 Muslims in this country will leave their faith. As Michael David puts it at the Catholic Herald, "Americans are un-mosquing at an even faster rate than they are un-churching."

There is also an important factor that seems to increase the likelihood of an exodus from the Islamic faith: immigration. According to Pew, "one striking difference between former Muslims and those who have always been Muslim is in the share who hail from Iran. Those who have left Islam are more likely to be immigrants from Iran (22%) than those who have not switched faiths (8%)."

In a rather shocking addition, Pew found that...

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