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Dramatic Footage: North Korean Soldier Risks It All for a Better Life; Is Shot Running for the S. Korean Border—and Barely Makes It
by Billy Hallowell : Nov 22, 2017 :

...the escapee has reportedly survived and regained consciousness, despite his fellow soldiers' spraying 40 bullets in his direction.

airlift[] Dramatic security footage shows how a 24-year-old North Korean soldier was repeatedly shot by guards as he desperately tried to escape the restrictive country by bravely fleeing over the border into South Korea. (Image: North Korean soldier runs toward the border of South Korea and freedom/UN Command-UNC/via

Footage of the terrifying ordeal, which was released by U.N. Command (UNC) in Seoul, South Korea, has sparked questions surrounding whether at least one North Korean official crossed the border while pursuing the unnamed soldier; they shot the man four times, but he survived and is being cared for inside neighboring South Korea.

Furthermore, there are claims that the soldiers' decision to shoot over the border during the Nov. 13. event violates a 1953 armistice agreement, according to...

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