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While the World Focuses on Manchester, 15 Christians Have Reportedly Been Kidnapped by ISIS-Linked Islamists, Prompting Martial Law in the Philippines

News Staff : May 25, 2017
Agenzia Fides

airlift(Mindanao, Philippines)—[Agenzia Fides] "Members of the Islamic State-linked "Maute" militant group, "attacked the Catholic cathedral of Marawi City and kidnapped about 15 faithful, including a priest, nuns, and some lay persons who were praying in church": confirms Bishop Edwin De la Pena to Agenzia Fides, who is at the head of the territorial of Marawi City, town on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Yesterday, about one hundred militants of the "Maute" group occupied the city and, in response to that act of force, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte put the island of Mindanao under martial law... Click here to read. (Photo: