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Octopuses Are Outsmarting Darwin: "Evidence Demolishes Evolution"
by Julie Borg : Apr 18, 2017 : Christian Headlines

Octopuses are some of the most intelligent of all invertebrate life.

[Christian Headlines] Octopuses can unlock aquarium tanks and escape, camouflage themselves by changing color and shape and can twist lids off jars to get a delicacy inside. Other sea creatures in the same group, called coleoid cephalopods, also show high levels of intelligence. Squid communicate with each other by flashing colors at varying speeds, and cuttlefish learn from visual information before they are born. (Photo Credit: Christian Headlines)

If Darwin’s theory of evolution is correct, these clever sea creatures should have evolved their incredible abilities through DNA mutations. But evolutionary researchers at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts and Tel Aviv University were shocked to discover RNA edits in the coleoids …

“This evidence demolishes evolution,” Cornelius Hunter, a biophysics professor at Biola University wrote on Discovery Institute’s blog, Evolution News & Science Today.

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