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The Prophet Nahumís Town in Iraq Remains a Miraculous Hold Out against ISIS: "Christianity in Alqosh is Like Gold"

Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz : Nov 4, 2016
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In part, the success of the town of Alqosh is because the self-implemented rule—that only Christian Alqoshians are allowed to own land or houses in the town—has kept the community safe from other religions and tribes.

(Iraq) — [Christian Headlines] The Iraqi town of Alqosh (50km north of Mosul) is the only Christian stronghold in the country that survived IS. (Photo Credit: Christian Headlines)

Looking for signs of hope for the future of Christianity in Iraq? This town, with its four churches, two monasteries and 500 Christian families, is where it can be found.

For those who grew up reading the Bible, Alqosh might ring a distant bell. It was the town where Old Testament prophet Nahum, "the Elkoshite,” lived. His grave, which also houses ancient Hebrew texts, can be visited in the old center of Alqosh. The message of the New Testament also found its way to this community long ago; since the early Middle Ages this town has been Christian. And it’s determined to stay that way.

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