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Dutch Sheets' Strong Message to EVERY Christian "Start Measuring ... by What Is Really At Stake!"

Dutch Sheets : Oct 24, 2016

"You better take a stand, because you're not voting for a personality, you're voting for that Supreme Court!"

In a video posted on his Facebook page, well-known author, teacher and prophetic minister—Dutch Sheets shared a brief, but strong word for the Church. (Screengrab via Facebook)

Along with the video, Dutch added:

At Thursday night's #AppealToHeaven conference, I made some statements about the upcoming election. I firmly believe this election is about the Courts in our nation. The American Church must carefully weigh who they are voting for and what values they are going to support. This election isn't about a personality; it's about the Courts and how they will shape our nation over the coming decades. May the Church hear more clearly than ever before. And may we be bold, standing for righteousness and Biblical values like never before.

In the video, Dutch warned, "If we don't stop it now, you can forget recovery in four or eight years—it'll be 40 years. Because somebody's gonna stack this court with a minimum of two, three, maybe five appointees. And they'll end up in 4-8 years from now with a 7-2 advantage which will last a generation."

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