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Together 2016 Draws Thousands to the National Mall to Celebrate "Jesus Changes Everything"

Christine D. Johnson : Jul 18, 2016
Charisma News

"I see people as far as my eye can see. I see people who should be referred to as brothers and sisters ... Let's not be a religious community that walks by people who are struggling and hurting. If we're not a healing salve, we contribute to the pain." -Christian music artist, Lecrae

(Washington, DC)—[Charisma News] Thousands came to Together 2016 on the National Mall in Washington, DC, Saturday to celebrate that "Jesus changes everything." (Photo: Facebook/via Charisma News)

Emergency Services shut down the event early, however, after medical personnel became overwhelmed with the number of people—more than 400—who were overcome by extreme heat.

Nick Hall of PULSE, which planned the event, tweeted: "This event has never been about coming to the Mall. It's about sending a generation out from the mall to share Jesus."

Hall shared a video on Facebook saying that they were "completely exhausted" but "excited at all that God did." (Photo: Together2016/via Facebook)

As for shutting down early, he said they wanted to continue but "just felt like the right thing to do was to show respect and try to listen." He also pointed out that it wasn't a coincidence that the event ended early, encouraging attendees to be witnesses for Christ.

"There might be somebody that needs Jesus that..."

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