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Guess What Happened to Joey Feek's "Unsaved" Dad During Her Illness

Julie Brown Patton : Mar 22, 2016
The Gospel Herald

That, and an important reconnection with a sister is coming to light.

(Nashville, TN)óCountry and bluegrass music singer Joey Martin Feek will be remembered for her faith-based and courageous battle against cervical cancer before she died March 4 at the age†(of)†40. (Photo: Joey Feek/via Gospel Herald)

At the memorial service, June thanked the "hundreds of thousands of people" and the local people of Alexandria for the outpouring of love and grace. "Your mercy personified the kind of people you truly are," she said.

"Whether you knew me personally, or whether you knew Joey, she became part of you, and you became part of her. She loved you because you believed†in†her, and you never gave up on her," said the grieving mother.

June said she could never do a song justice "like Joey could," but she did her best, because she thought they all could use a closer walk with the Savior.

Jack, who had not prepared speaking notes, blurted out that he did something a few months ago:† "I got saved." Attendees applauded, stood up and someone shouted "Amen." He said it was a really special development for Joey. "I had no idea that was the most important thing I could've done for Joey."

"I'm so blessed to be the one she (Joey) called dad," said the proud father.

Also during the memorial, Joey's older sister, Jodi, was introduced. Jodi was the registered nurse who walked through the last phases of the journey with Joey. Bill Gaither said Jodi was there day and night with Joey.

Jodi said she and Joey reconnected during this time, often...

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