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Findings in the First Christian Colony Established by Paul the Apostle Will "Rewrite History"

Teresa Neumann : Nov 30, 2015
Anadolu News Agency/Hurriyet Daily News

Rich in Christian history, Cappadocia appears ready to reveal even more of its history soon.

(Turkey)—The UNESCO world heritage city of Cappadocia, which in New Testament days was located next to Armenia and Galatia, has long been a pilgrim destination for Christians following the trail of Paul the Apostle. (Photo: AA/via Hurriyet Daily News)

It was in Cappadocia that Paul first established a Christian colony. There too, the Romans tortured the first Christians. Its "fairy like" landscape of natural caves offered many hiding places as a refuge for the persecuted Church, first from the Romans, and then later, Muslims.

Now, according to a report in Hurriyet Daily News, archaeologists digging beneath the modern city (Nevsehir) have unearthed an ancient underground city that housed a permanent population of people seeking protection—perhaps dating as far back as the Hittite era.

"When the works are finalized, the history of Cappadocia will be re-written," said Nevsehirís mayor, Hasan Unver. "We have reached significant discoveries; new long tunnels and spaces where people lived all together. Places where linseed oil was produced, chapels and tunnels combining various living spaces..." different, he added, than other underground cities around the world. (Photo: AA/via Hurriyet Daily News)

The report estimated that some of the excavations would be open to the public in 2017.

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