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Mideast Miracle: ISIS Releases Dozens of Christian Hostages; What Led to Their Liberation

News Staff : Nov 10, 2015
CBN News

Please pray for those still held by the ruthless terror group.

(Syria)—[CBN News] Islamic State militants this week freed 37 Assyrian Christians held captive for more than nine months. (Photo via

The release was negotiated by the Assyrian Human Rights Network, according to the Christian Today web site.

The radical ISIS army raided several villages along the Khabour River in Northern Syria in February, taking more than 200 people hostage. ISIS had demanded $100,000 for each hostage, about $23 million. The group later lowered the ransom to about half that amount.

Since then, about 88 hostages have been released, but at least three have been executed. The AHRN continues to work for the release of the remaining hostages.