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Actor Reveals "Bizarre" Death-Defying Moment That Brought Him Back to Christ

Teresa Neumann : May 27, 2015
Billy Hallowell – The Blaze

"I should have died. I really, technically, should have died." –Kristoffer Polaha

(Hollywood, CA)—Hollywood actor Kristoffer Polaha is a devout Christian who appears in the new, upcoming faith-based film "Where Hope Grows." (Photo: via Facebook/Kristoffer Polaha)

There was a time in Polaha's life, however, when he wasn't following God. It was then, while he was in New York City exploring other religions, that God intervened in a miraculous way and changed the course of the actor's life.

In essence, as Polaha was walking with his friend Catherine, he felt impressed to switch places with her. "I don't know why," he told her, "but I feel better on this side of you."

Moments later, an explosion in a sidewalk grate engulfed them in a fireball.

"The fireball engulfs us," said Polaha, "the glass hits us, the next thing I know, I'm standing in the first lane of traffic, looking downtown… She's standing, but she's above the blast facing uptown," he said. "The lights were all red, so there's no cars on this one block, but then the lights change and it's full of traffic, full of New York traffic.

"But at this particular moment," he continued, "the block was empty. And we're standing on our feet, so it's just like something picked us up and then set us down."

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