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Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Tells 2016 Political Hopefuls They Must "Get Godly"

Teresa Neumann : Jun 2, 2014
Greg Richter – Newsmax

Robertson insists he's not about "political warfare" but "spiritual warfare."

Phil Robertson(West Monroe, LA)—Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, having shown he's not intimidated by criticism or boycotts, is proving himself an expert in shaking up the establishment.

Two weeks ago, media outlets around the country began circulating a video of Robertson's politically incorrect Easter sermon he delivered at Whites Ferry Road Church in his hometown. In it, the Robertson patriarch defended earlier comments he made about "sexual sin" in a GQ magazine interview and made no bones about the role he feels the press plays in demonizing Christians.

Now, fresh on the heels of that video, critics have Robertson in their sights again. This time, Robertson patriarch—who was asked to speak to the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans last Thursday—told possible candidates for the upcoming 2016 presidential election, that they can't be right for America if they're wrong with God.

He also said that if candidates want to "turn the Republican party around" they need to "get Godly."

Phil RobertsonNot mincing words, Robertson also condemned racism. "There's one race on this planet," he said, and it's called the human race. Therefore, you have no right to color-code anyone. We're all the same family."

On Thursday, after the conference, Robertson was interviewed on Fox News Channel's "Hannity."

"With me, it's all spiritual warfare," he said. "I'm wanting them [government leaders] to give their life to God Almighty, Jesus His Son, and be saved from their sin—and be saved from the grave one day."

When asked about political party affiliation, Robertson said he wasn't "a political person" but for him it was all about finding and supporting a party who doesn't endorse "perversion" or "ripping babies from their mother's wombs."

How much the candidates took Robertson's message to heart remains to be seen.