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Stunning Symbol of Jesus Discovered in "Magnificent" 1,500-Year-Old Israeli Church

Teresa Neumann : Jan 24, 2014
Staff – Huffington Post

The location of the church, near what was once a busy road, suggests it was an important gathering place for the Christian communities and perhaps the major church serving the region.

Mosaic(Tel Aviv, Israel)—Numerous sources are reporting the discovery of a 1,500-year-old Byzantine Basilica, or church, in the village of Moshav Aluma, 30 miles south of Tel Aviv. (Photo: Israel Antiquities Autority/via Huffington Post)

According to a report in Live Science, one of the most remarkable finds was a white "mosaic containing a Christogram, or a 'type of monogram of the name of Jesus.' It's actually more like a 'chi rho' symbol, which puts together the first two capital letters in the Greek word for Christ and often looks like an X superimposed on a P."

In addition, the Greek letters alpha and omega appear on either side of the chi rho.