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Wrap-Up: Over 600 Babies Saved in 40 Days

Shawn Carney : Nov 8, 2012

At the end of this record-breaking 40 Days for Life campaign, we praise God for 608 babies saved from abortion—that we know of! Many campaigns are still compiling their reports, so that number will likely keep growing.

40 Days for LifeAs we close the largest 40 Days for Life campaign in history . . . the following things can be said about what God can do in just 40 days:

40 days ago:
• there were children scheduled to be aborted who are alive today.
40 days ago:
• women were making abortion appointments—but now, they're preparing their lives to welcome a new baby boy or baby girl.
40 days ago:
• cold hearts that were annoyed at your peaceful presence at the abortion facility are now open to joining you in prayer.
40 days ago:
• you may have doubted what God could accomplish; and yet through your prayer, fasting and vigil . . . YOU have been spiritually blessed.

Here are a few of the testimonies from the 40 Days Fall Campaign. . .
Gordon in Nashville tells of an abortion-minded woman who arrived at the abortion center—with two young children. Fortunately, the business was closed that day—so prayer volunteers encouraged her to visit the pregnancy help center just down the street.
"They gave her very different information than she got from her other doctor," he said, "and she changed her mind."

Saturdays are usually very busy at this abortion facility. But one Saturday during this 40 Days for Life campaign, only about half of the usual number of clients arrived.

"One of them, a young college student, entered the clinic and exited a short while later," Gordon said. "She talked with one of the sidewalk counselors afterwards and stated that she could not go through with an abortion."
A woman approached the prayer volunteers outside the abortion center in Baltimore to express appreciation. She had had an abortion at that very building many years ago when she was a teenager.

But she thinks about the child she aborted every day of her life—and it was very painful for her to be there. She understood that God had forgiven her—but the prayer volunteers sensed that she had never forgiven herself.

They prayed with her . . . and gave her information about Rachel's Vineyard, a ministry that leads retreats for healing after abortion.
Prayer volunteers got good news from a woman leaving Planned Parenthood—she was pregnant—and she was keeping the baby.

Planned Parenthood's business has been off—and they must think the 40 Days for Life vigil has something to do with it. They recently built a big fence between their building and the parking lot of the pro-life pregnancy center next door.

"Counselors often stood in the parking lot to talk to women going into Planned Parenthood," said one of the leaders in Sioux City. "I guess we're getting to them!"
A young woman from out of town arrived at the abortion center in Beaumont—with her father, who was totally opposed to the idea of an abortion. "Would you please talk some sense into her?" he asked prayer volunteers, who had never quite heard anything like that before.

The girl was pregnant and had insisted that he drive her to the abortion facility . . . but a short discussion with volunteers showed that by this point, even the man's daughter was well on her way to seeking an option that did not include abortion.

"When I called the clinic, they were just too eager for me," the girl said. "I was leery—it was like a bunch of hungry lions. I felt so much evil over the phone."

The prayer volunteers recommended a pro-life pregnancy help center in her home town, and she agreed to visit them. Father and daughter left happy, with new-found freedom, after following the voice of conscience.