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Preventing Child Trafficking: Cutting Off the Supply Line of Kids

B2F Staff : Aug 27, 2012

Born2Fly Project announces new child trafficking prevention program designed to reach kids before the traffickers do. Available as free download from

(Orlando, FL) - Each year more than 1,000,000 children are trafficked for sex around the world. Some are just 4 years old. They?re raped for profit 20 to 30 times a night - night after night after night. (Photo courtesty:

Human trafficking is big business - the 2nd highest grossing illegal industry on the planet after illegal drugs. "Traffickers can sell a drug once,?but they can sell a child over and over again,"?says Diana Scimone, founder of The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking.

Scimone, an independent journalist who has traveled to more than 40 countries, decided to do something about these horrendous statistics. She assembled a team of educators, writers, artists, and child experts who spent 5 years developing and testing a 6-session community awareness program called the B2F Project - which is now available for free download at

Born to Fly anti-trafficking curriculum: 70-page, 6-session teaching program with separate, age-appropriate tracks for young children and teenagers. Currently available in English, Spanish, Russian, and Visayan (Philippines).

Born to Fly wordless book: Companion book to curriculum. 80 pages with 500 illustrations by artist Leah Wiedemer. Available as pdf. Book is without words so that children anywhere in the world can read it.

Soaring Higher curriculum: Additional lesson material for Christian schools. Currently available in English and Russian.?

The B2F anti-trafficking curriculum and wordless book are available as free downloads at ?

Schools, community centers, faith-based organizations, and others who work with kids can apply at? receive the B2F anti-trafficking materials. Once their application is approved (and B2F makes sure they?re not traffickers), they receive a password and user name to download whatever they need.

"We don?t charge for these anti-trafficking materials," Scimone explains. "We knew that most organizations working with kids around the world couldn?t afford to pay anyway. So we give them away freely?and rely on the generosity of donors so we can continue doing this." Donations to B2F (tax deductible in the US) can be made online at ?

Cutting off the supply line of kids

The B2F Project is already being used successfully in Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Bulgaria, and elsewhere, and will soon be taught in Cambodia, Ukraine, Malaysia, and India. Groups in South Africa, Kenya, England, the US, and elsewhere have also requested to use the materials.
Scimone says that most anti-trafficking organizations focus on rescues. "Rescues are absolutely critical, of course - but our goal is to cut off the supply line of kids so they never get trafficked in the first place."

Organizations that work with children around the world are encouraged to download the B2F anti-trafficking materials?at?

Born to Fly International, Inc.,?educates at-risk children and their parents about the dangers of child trafficking through a strategic 6-week community campaign called The B2F Project. B2F creates awareness about child trafficking with the ultimate goal of ending it.?Born to Fly International is a 501c3 non-profit organization and donations in the US are tax deductible.

B2F founder and director Diana Scimone is a journalist who has traveled to more than 40 countries including Sudan, Zimbabwe, China, Russia, and India. In 2003 she founded Born2Fly to respond to some of the most critical needs she has seen among the world?s children. Today B2F is focused solely on stopping the worldwide pandemic of child sex trafficking.