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Husband and Arizona Shooting Victim Who Showed "greater love" by Shielding His Wife from Gunfire—and other Heroes

Aimee Herd : Jan 11, 2011  Staff – CBS

"He was a hero."

"Greater love has no one than this that one lay down his life for his friends." –John 15:13

In an interview on FOX News, Jessica Knapp struggled to find the words to describe the incredible character of fellow churchgoer and volunteer Dorwin Stoddard; one of Saturday's tragic shooting victims in Arizona.

Dorwin Stoddard"Even when the church doors weren't open, Dorwin was at that church," said Knapp. "When we needed something done, he was there. If something needed to be fixed he would try to figure out how to fix it. He was a huge servant in our congregation, and I don't think we have the words yet—I'm not even sure if we ever will—to express the loss…it's going to be a huge hole in our congregation and a huge hole in our hearts.

Dorwin and his wife, Mavenell (Mavy) usually went to breakfast on Saturday mornings, according to a Washington Post report, but that day, Mavy had wanted to tell Congresswoman Giffords that she was "doing a good job."

At the sound of gunfire, 76-year-old Stoddard acted instinctively and heroically as he lay on top of his wife who had dropped to the ground having been shot in the leg; shielding her from any more bullets—he saved her life as he was shot and later died from the gunshot wounds he received himself.

Mavy was able to hold him and say goodbye, knowing that he had given his life for her. She is expected to make a full recovery after being shot in the leg several times.

Watch the video interview with Dorwin and Mavy's friend and fellow church member Jessica Knapp by CLICKING HERE.

Also showing incredible courage in the face of fearful reality were those who helped to stop the shooter from further bloodshed.

According to news reports, bystanders, including 71-year-old retired Army Col. Bill Badger, Roger Salzgeber, Joseph Zamudio and 61-year-old Patricia Maisch were the ones who together helped take Jared Loughner down.

Col. Badger"When you seen an individual that shoots a 9-year-old girl...something has to be done," said Badger in a Good Morning America interview. (Photo: Col. Badger and wife Sallie/GMA)

He recalled the events to a CBS News affiliate in Tuscon saying, "[Loughner had] already shot Representative Gabrielle Giffords and was shooting the people sitting in the chairs, coming right towards where I was standing. Everybody was hitting the sidewalk and I turned to my left and started to drop and I felt the stinging in the back of my head."

Badger had indeed been hit, but the bullet had just grazed him. As the shooting stopped momentarily, someone threw a chair at Loughner and Badger seized his opportunity.

"I grabbed his left arm and started to twist it back and grabbed him on the shoulder with my right hand. Another individual grabbed his right hand and together we pushed on him and he went right down on the sidewalk," Badger said.

With his gun kicked away but still within reach, Loughner pulled a magazine from his pocket in an effort to reload, and that's when Patricia Maisch, who was right next to him on the ground, grabbed the magazine right out of his hand at the direction of the others who still held onto him. She then helped to secure the gunman by sitting on his ankles.

None of the four who helped to stop the shooter wanted to be labeled as "heroes" but it is speculated that if they had not done what they did, Saturday's vicious rampage would have ended many more lives than it did.

Read more at the link provided.

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