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The Outpouring of Fruit Continues in Florida and Oregon

Aimee Herd - Op/Ed : May 28, 2008  Ignited Church, Albany VCF, MSNBC

"We have seen people receiving Christ every week, but I believe it is just the beginning. The atmosphere of God's presence is amazing…"

Recently on Breaking Christian News, we published a news story, which has been carried by several major media outlets since then, about Val Thomas—a woman who was brain-dead and who, against all medical odds, has returned to life.

Val Thomas alive againIt was only after that story was published that I was able to obtain additional information on that situation, which gives even more glory to God. In fact, three people were saved in Val's family alone, because of her resurrection. The following is that report from a member of Val's church:

"…the story is true. In fact, the lady (Val Thomas) was in the hospital; brain dead. They had already called the funeral home. The family had three relatives that were not saved. Two family members told God if He would allow her to live, they would give their life to God. The other was Val's 70-year-old brother who had already left the hospital after she died. When they took her off life support, and after she woke up, she wanted to know where her son was. So they phoned the brother to come back to the hospital, and he hit his knees and gave his life to Christ too. The testimony was given Sunday morning at church and that's when the anointing broke out."

As we mentioned in our first report, a fact often left out of major media stories about Val Thomas' healing, is that the whole thing happened shortly after one of the church members had visited the Florida Healing Outpouring meetings in Lakeland, and upon returning, prayed for the same outpouring of God to break out in their own church (which happened to be Val's).

Florida Healing OutpouringIt occurred to me that some of our BCN readers may not be familiar with "revival meetings," and how God often moves in them, or how they are sometimes "contagious-by-the-Spirit," and similar moves-of-God seem to pop up in other areas—an "anointing" seemingly carried by people who come to a meeting, are touched by God in some way, and bring that "fire" back with them to their own fellowship. Some may be inclined to be skeptical, something I also battle at times. However, Jesus said that a tree is known by its fruit. (Matt. 7:15-20) That's why I was excited to hear of such fabulous fruit resulting from visiting the meetings in Florida—healing, salvations. CLICK HERE to read other testimonies from the Florida Healing Outpouring.

Even in just a purely practical way, there was fruit coming from the Florida Outpouring meetings early on. It was reported by MSNBC that during the first month, as the meetings began to grow in size, they were temporarily moved to Joker Marchant Stadium, where the Detroit Tigers play spring training baseball. There was a concern that there might be damage to the carefully prepared field in light of the crowds of people. However, according to Lakeland park department official Bob Donahay, "Organizers and revival-goers alike treated the facility with great respect and stayed off the grass. We didn't know what to expect," he said. "But they were model tenants."

The report went on to say: "Friday night's big crowd left a large amount of trash, as is typical for a big event. Parks officials provided trash bags to the organizers for Saturday and Sunday, and the revival attendees cleaned up the vast amount of their trash each night. And, according to Donahay, "They're a really, really nice group of people."

In addition, one person interviewed by MSNBC—who obviously did not condone the meetings—had to agree that they were actually helping the area financially. "It's helping our economy," he said. "People got to eat; they got to stay in hotels. And I'm picking up a lot more hours, even though we're coming into the slow season. So maybe he's bringing some healing to this area after all."

Healing Outpouring in Albany, Oregon

Pastor Denny ClineOne of the many pastors who have gone down to Florida, to attend some Outpouring meetings early on is Pastor Denny Cline, of Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship in western Oregon. Upon returning, his church began holding healing meetings, which have continued for several weeks. Denny writes about them, below…

God's presence is increasing. We wondered, would God still move, even increase without doing meetings every night? His answer was a resounding YES. Last week we saw a noticeable increase in the level of God's presence in the meetings, and had a pile of testimonies by the end of the week. We have not intended to preach in these meetings, but every meeting is so different. Last week there seemed to be a theme on God's heart to let His people know that His Glory is His goodness. It's almost as though God is pleading with broken, the sick, the oppressed, and with us, to believe how good He really is and how much He cares for the lost.

No wonder the Gospels say "Jesus wept as He looked upon the multitudes because they were weary and scattered like sheep with no Shepherd." The phrase "weary and scattered" means harassed by the enemy. I am so impressed in this outpouring that God is first healing up His own children, and showing them His goodness to wreck us on His love. The result is, and will be, an army of people who are free, confident, and overflowing with God's love to take into the fields of harvest. We have seen people receiving Christ every week, but I believe it is just the beginning. The atmosphere of God's presence is amazing. And then He just moves as we follow His lead.

Every night people get healed on the inside and physically. The kind and level of healings is growing. But we need to continue till we see the lame not just get up for the first time, but leaping and praising God with complete wholeness. There are some manifestations of gold dust at times, dental miracles, and even one woman reported to me yesterday of receiving weight loss after prayer. That may seem trivial to some, but not if your health is at risk and you have tried everything to lose weight with no success. God is truly good to all, in all kinds of ways. Please check our website for the latest testimonies including a young boy healed of cancer in his knee after missing his surgery and coming to the meetings instead to receive prayer.

Sometime in June we will start equipping meetings in the mornings on Friday and Saturday to get this anointing deeper in every one who is hungry to do the works of Jesus. We also have the meetings live on Ustream from a link on our web site for those who can't make it, (CLICK HERE) for streaming live meetings and to read healing testimonies.

In Lakeland, the meetings go into a summer long venue at the airfield in Lakeland starting this week. If you can go to Lakeland, you should. If you can't, God is breaking out in places like Albany and other states. God will meet you wherever you go. If you can come to Albany, bring the sick, the broken, and lost with you. And come expecting God to do anything and everything. –Pastor Denny Cline

We at BCN know it is important to medically confirm, whenever possible, healings that are reported to us, and as we receive confirmation to reports, we will gladly pass them along to our readers—to the glory of God.

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