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The CRT Battle That Started in Loudon County and the Wake Up Call to All of America's Parents

Aimee Herd-Opinion : Dec 1, 2021  Breaking Christian News

"...CRT isn’t packaged as such when it’s transmitted in school classrooms. Rather, it’s disseminated under different guises that have evolved over time, from 'culturally responsive learning' to 'equity' to now 'social-emotional learning.'" -from The Epoch Times

There's an article posted on The Epoch Times that is a 'must read' for parents of school children, whether they're in elementary public education or high school. (Image: Unsplash-CDC)

The informative piece chronicles the emergence of concerned parents taking action in Loudon County, Virginia, and just why these moms and dads are taking a stand, and what they're up against in doing so.

Shawntel Cooper is a mother of two children, and first became aware of some of the changes in curriculum when COVID hit, and her fourth-grade daughter was learning remotely.

Her lesson involved showing news clips connected to Black Lives Matter. Cooper, who is African American, wondered why it was being shown to these elementary kids, and asked that her daughter be excused from that lesson, as it was against the way she and her husband (who is white) had raised their children.

"She hasn't been raised based on colors," Cooper explained to The Epoch Times. "She has been raised based on loving human beings just for being human beings, of their characters, not putting them in categories on color, or what color their parents are."

But the radical training in the Loudon Co. public schools did not stop there, as stated in the article:

Cooper said that the principal and teachers at her daughter's school were transparent and helpful when she raised her concerns about CRT. However, "no one could promise me that critical race theory would not be taught," she said. That's because, Cooper said, CRT isn't packaged as such when it's transmitted in school classrooms. Rather, it's disseminated under different guises that have evolved over time, from "culturally responsive learning" to "equity" to now "social-emotional learning."

Eventually, Cooper pulled her daughter from the school after completing her year, and began homeschooling.

"There's nothing wrong with seeing through someone else's lens. But to deceive someone into thinking that you are bad because of the color of your skin; because of your color, we are going to cut you some slack. I will not teach my children that," said Cooper in the article.

"I believe you overcome challenges through your own journey. It's not because someone felt sorry for me. I had to learn on my own; it was just part of life. It didn't matter what color I was."

Now other parents have stepped up and are trying to expose and alert people to what has become pervasive throughout the nation's public schools. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

Read more about this battle being fought on behalf of America's children, by Clicking Here.

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