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Infrastructure Bill: a Means to Government Control?

Camille Solberg, IFA Government Affairs Director : Oct 20, 2021  Intercessors For America

"Higher energy costs are a tax on every American and particularly the most vulnerable," Brooke continued. This bill is considered to bring the largest tax increase ($2 trillion) in American history plus it will give unions control of the economy.

[] We pray for the outpouring of wisdom, discernment, and divine understanding for Congress and the current Administration. Show them how to decrease our national deficit and protect our natural resources. In Jesus' name, amen. (Image: Pixabay)

The 2,700-page infrastructure bill should be concerning to many. It is packed with radical climate change policies.

"Climate change central planning is found throughout the 2,700-plus page infrastructure bill that ...Biden is touting as bipartisan. The Senate bill uses central planning to re-engineer the electric grid and to eliminate carbon from the US economy by offering large subsidies. There is $21.5 billion to create the Energy Department's new Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, which will provide for Secretary Granholm's green-energy venture-capital fund. This funding should bring to mind the Obama Administration programs that funded with tax dollars, companies that failed including Solyndra, A123 Systems, Fisker Automotive and other solar manufacturers. Granholm's fund includes $2.4 billion for advanced nuclear reactor projects, $3.5 billion for carbon capture, $8 billion for "clean hydrogen" and $5 billion for projects that "demonstrate innovative approaches to transmission, storage, and distribution infrastructure to harden and enhance resilience and reliability," according to the Institute for Energy Research.

The step-by-step plan to re-engineer our electric grid is deeply disconcerting. " It would make it impossible for most Americans to meet newly implemented standards. The government would be incentivizing "renewable" energy instead of affordable energy," said Beatrice Brooke of America First Policy Institute.

The current economy is showing on a daily basis an energy cost crisis as a result of bad policy and this big government socialism bill will make things worse. The Green New Deal policies that this bill will enact will devastate American energy independence. What Green New Deal policies are in the bill?

  • A natural tax hike which would be an attack on American energy and would limit traditional energy exploration and production.
  • Clean Electricity Performance Program
  • Civilian Climate Corps
  • Slush funds for environmental groups

"Higher energy costs are a tax on every American and particularly the most vulnerable," Brooke continued. This bill is considered to bring the largest tax increase ($2 trillion) in American history plus it will give unions control of the economy.

Corporate welfare will also benefit from this bill. According to the Editorial Board of the Wall Street Journal, "Then there are the corporate subsidies, such as a $6 billion rescue for struggling nuclear plants such as Exelon's in Illinois. Companies like Exxon Mobil that have been plowing money into experimental green technologies no doubt also hope to benefit. United Airlines is investing in flying electric taxis, which will be eligible for federal loan guarantees. Kenworth and Toyota are rolling out hydrogen-powered trucks to transport freight. The dirty little secret of the climate agenda is that it is marbled with corporate welfare."

We need to be praying for this nation's energy independence. Who are we going to be dependent on? China, Russia, and OPEC?

We need to be praying for God to protect our nation from a takeover of an independent, productive, and free energy policy we have enjoyed as a nation throughout our history. "The Clean Energy Performance Program would federalize the electric grid. The responsibility of state utility regulators to ensure reliability and affordability would be over-ruled by federal requirements to increase renewable energy. We are already seeing the results of doing this in states like California, New York, and Massachusetts, where electric rates are much higher than the national average and going up, while reliability is going down," said Myron Ebell, Director for the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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