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Undercover Video in Abortion Clinic Destroys Claim That Late-Term Abortions are Only Done if "Medically Necessary"

Emily Jones : Feb 21, 2019  CBN News

Just gut-wrenching. Anyone with half a heart, not to mention thousands of childless parents dying to adopt a baby, will want to weep reading this.

[CBN News] Comedian and conservative political commentator Steven Crowder conducted an undercover investigation inside a late-term abortion clinic and left pleading with God to save a child's life. (Screengrab image: Undercover video/via Louder With Crowder-YouTube)

Crowder and his team traveled to Colorado, one of the first states to legalize abortion up until the moment of birth, to show just how easy it is for women in these states to get late-term abortions.

In Crowder's video, Mariel, who is 25 weeks pregnant, goes to an abortion clinic with a hidden camera on her shirt and asks a nurse for information about abortion procedures. The nurse tells her she will get an ultrasound and asks her to sit in the waiting room.

That's when Mariel met a woman who was eight months pregnant (known as Patient X in the video) and scheduled to abort her child that day.

While many pro-abortion activists say late-term abortions are justified when the mother's life is at risk or the baby suffers from a birth defect, Patient X said there was absolutely nothing wrong with her or her developing baby boy.

"There's nothing wrong with my pregnancy, like no fetal, whatever anomalies," Patient X says. "All of that checked out fine. I mean, they ran all the tests on him. I mean, he's fine. There's nothing wrong with him. They did the Down syndrome [test], they ran all of that stuff."

Then the two women discussed what actually happens during the late-term abortion procedure, which was recently explained in a Live Action video.

"Because the baby is so large and developed, the procedure takes three or four days to complete," Dr. Anthony Levtino says in the Live Action video.

"On day one, the abortionist uses a large needle to inject a drug called Digoxin. The drug will be used to cause fatal cardiac arrest, killing the baby. The Digoxin is injected into the baby's head, torso, or heart via a needle to the mother's abdomen," he says. "The baby will feel it."

According to Dr. Levtino, the mother's cervix is gradually dilated so she can give birth to her dead baby. On day two, the abortionist performs another ultrasound to ensure the baby is dead.

On the last day, the mother delivers the child at the clinic or on a toilet.

Patient X is heard wrestling with her decision to allow that to be her child's fate.

"Should I do it or should I not? I know my husband the whole time was like, 'You're gonna regret this ... You don't need to do this. You know we''ll be fine," she tells Mariel. "I'm like, 'You're not the one that has to be home raising it. I do.'"

Patient X then explains she was raised Catholic and abortion goes against everything she was raised to believe.

"So, I feel like very selfish, like, doing this. That's why I'm having such a hard time with it," she adds.

When Mariel asks if she's going to go ahead with the abortion, Patient X says she can't have another baby and she already has two children at home.

It's unclear in the video whether or not Patient X aborts her child that day. The tape cuts to Mariel leaving the clinic and fervently praying for God to spare Patient X's unborn son.

"Oh Lord Jesus, please stop Patient X from having this abortion. Please save her baby," Mariel is heard saying.

After Crowder and his entire team prayed for the woman and her child, the political commentator pointed out that late-term abortions are being openly supported by lawmakers.

"Who in their right mind in today's American mainstream Left or Right would support this kind of pure unadulterated barbarism? For the answer to that, you just have to ask any of the prominent figureheads of today's DNC," Crowder says.

Last month, Democratic lawmakers in New York passed the Reproductive Health Act, which legalized late-term abortions. They celebrated with cheers and applause and lit up the Empire State Building in bright pink.

Just days later, a video of a Virginia lawmaker advocating for abortions up until the moment of birth went viral. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam came to the lawmaker's defense and suggested babies who survive abortion procedures should only be given life-saving treatment if their mothers want them to live. Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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