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Miracle Testimony: Nothing's Impossible with God

Peter Baklinski : Oct 3, 2012  LifeSite News

In a quiet place in her heart, God revealed to her that He had made her well, that all the crying and heart-wrenching sobbing that she had experienced was part of the healing from the abuse that she had suffered. God revealed to Lisa that He would prepare her to go into the world and tell her story of healing to all who would listen.

Note: LifeSite News has published the remarkable testimony of 35-year-old Lisa Moeller, a former drug-addict lesbian who found Jesus. It's a lengthy article, but for those who find it an applicable subject matter, well worth reading. The following is the last part of the report. Click on the link provided to read it in its entirety:

In the midst of her lesbian lifestyle, Lisa had an "unsettled feeling that it just wasn't enough". Through her depression and tears it began to dawn on her that she had a "God-shaped hole in my heart, and was wise enough to know nothing but Him would fill it." She would pray: "God, please don't let this be it for me," all the time thinking her prayer futile since she "never believed in mixing my lifestyle and the Truth of God into one."

But God, who honors the deepest desires of the human heart, must have heard the broken woman's prayer.

Lisa Moeller As Lisa was on her way to Spokane in the summer of 2010 to collect signatures for a state ballot at a gay pride parade, she experienced a supernatural moment of God's healing grace that turned her homosexual life upside-down.

"One night in my hotel, I went to bed completely homosexual. My mannerisms, dress, body language, etc., were all very masculine. I hated men, angry at every one for the abuse that I had suffered by a neighbor when I was a child", she revealed. "When I awoke, there was a Presence in the room that I cannot find the words to completely explain. It was a peace I had never experienced before."

Lisa was shocked the following morning by a new set of desires and inclinations that she began to experience right away.

She tuned the TV to a familiar female news anchor that would have normally found attractive and could not understand why she was not interested in her anymore. On her way to work that same morning, she caught herself watching a man jogging down the road, and she could not take her eyes off of him.

Lisa remembers panicking. She did not grasp the significance of what had happened to her. She broke down in overwhelming confusion. But, in a quiet place in her heart, God revealed to her that He had made her well, that all the crying and heart-wrenching sobbing that she had experienced was part of the healing from the abuse that she had suffered. God revealed to Lisa that He would prepare her to go into the world and tell her story of healing to all who would listen.

Lisa was distraught: How could she who did not know how to be a woman, dress like a woman, talk like a woman, or even walk like a woman become a part of God's plan?

In an act of faith, Lisa put the restoration of her identity into the hands of God. As part of the healing journey she experienced a dramatic stripping away of "every resource in my life I ever attempted to hold onto."

Gone were the romantic relationships. Gone were her close friends. She became separated from the destructive influences of her past life. Lisa learned to rely totally on God for her support. She learned to discern the voice of God above all other voices.

"Although the last two years were undoubtedly the loneliest and hardest two years of my life, I grew completely dependent on God" she said.

During moments of prayer, God revealed to Lisa the reason why she took on a masculine identity and treated her female partners so well. It was not because of her own insecurities, or because she wanted what was truly good for these women. Everything that Lisa did for her partners was really done on behalf of the little girl inside herself who was sexually abused. God revealed to Lisa that through her actions, she was attempting to heal herself from the abuse she had suffered as a little girl. But it proved to be an unending cycle, because she saw that no one can ever be the source of healing. Lisa understood that her yearning for healing was why she could never do enough for her partners. She learned that she could not heal herself because only God alone is the One Who heals . . .

After Lisa was healed that night at the hotel, or "delivered from homosexuality" as she likes to put it, she believes that God restored her identity as a woman and set authentic feminine inclinations and desires within her.

"Now I desire the things that my partners did. I want to be held, taken care of, protected, talked to sweetly, and treated gently," she said. "My identity is now intact and safe in the hands of Jesus, and that is how He created me to feel."

"Sometimes we carry so many burdens that are not our own … things we have no control of, questions and worries that do not rightfully belong to us. God wants you to do an inventory of your soul to see what you can find."

"If you are carrying burdens that belong to Him, He wants them back. He is ready to lighten your load . . . I finally have peace and I owe it all to Jesus Christ. Not many people would look at a drug addict and a lesbian and dare make the statement: 'One day she will serve the Lord.' It sounds pretty ridiculous, but it happened."

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