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Over 2,200 Come to Christ on First Night of NY Billy Graham Crusade
by Aimee Herd : Jun 25, 2005 : Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

According to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's website more than 2,200 people came forward on Friday night to make a decision for the Lord, it was the first night of the 3-day crusade in Flushing Meadows, NY.

Speaking to a crowd of more than 60,000 people gathered in the 95 acres of Corona Park, Rev. Graham preached for the first time since last November's crusade in Los Angeles. "Jesus said it's possible to start life all over again," Graham told the gathering. "That's why he said you must be born again."

Steven Curtis Chapman and Salvador led worship while Cliff Barrows hosted the event and George Beverly Shea sang the hymn The Love of God. Barrows and Shea are long time associates with Billy Graham crusades, appearing at nearly every one of them.

Over 1,300 churches from more than 90 denominations have come together for the NY event including counselors. Already some amazing testimonies have been reported on the BGEA website, including this one:

Juanita-bedridden for most of the last several months-had been listening to Crusade announcements on Spanish Christian radio from her home in Queens for weeks and had been hoping to attend. She came to the Crusade Friday night, having just regained the strength to walk on her own the day before. In need of a Spanish-speaking counselor, she wandered through the large crowd gathered before the platform, unaware of the specially designated area for people who did not speak English. Myrna, a counselor who was able to help people in both Spanish and English, felt moved to leave her designated area and search the main crowd for any in need of her abilities. In the midst of thousands of counselors and respondents, Myrna met Juanita and prayed with her as she rededicated her life to Jesus.