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Breakthrough Scientific Study Reveals Adult Stem Cells Have Same Ability to Multiply as Embryonic Cells
by Aimee Herd : Jun 24, 2005 : World Net Daily
A study by scientists in Pittsburgh is being hailed as "groundbreaking" as it revealed that adult stem cells can multiply with the same ability as the controversial embryonic stem cells.

The debate waged throughout the U.S. claims the embryonic cells as having a greater capacity to multiply than their adult counterparts. However, this new discovery shows otherwise.

Johnny Huard, director of the Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital Growth and Development laboratory and senior author of the research, said, "Scientists have typically believed that adult or post-natal stem cells grow old and die much sooner than embryonic stem cells, but this study demonstrates that is not the case."

The analysis also showed that adult stem cells do not have the issue of rejection, which is a problem in the embryonic cells.