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'God Just Keeps Bringing the Stuff': California Wildfire Victims Experiencing Heavenly Provision
by Will Maule : Jan 10, 2019 :

Astoundingly, [Pastor Doug] Crowder has chosen to focus on ministry and outreach to others, despite his own home burning down in the blaze. And since the congregation started setting their minds to helping others, the resources began to flow.

[] Over two months after the deadliest wildfire in California history, the lasting effect of the fierce flames is still abundantly clear. The town of Paradise is slowly rebuilding its infrastructure after being utterly decimated by the blaze, which claimed the lives of 86 people and destroyed almost 20,000 structures. (Image source: Facebook-Magalia Pines Recovery Center/via Faithwire)

Among those gutted buildings were many Churches, several of which must be rebuilt from the ground up. More fortunate congregations have sprung into action, however, serving the local community with compassion and care. One of these is Magalia Pines Baptist Church, which runs a wildfire recovery center for those who were displaced by the fast-moving flames.

Staggeringly, the small congregation is managing to pump out 300-500 meals a day for any local folk in need. But it hasn't been plain sailing. At several points, the church's pastor, Doug Crowder, was convinced that the team was going to run out of foodstuffs—until God orchestrated some miraculous provision.

When Crowder realized that the center did not have enough bread to cook up the stacks of french toast they had hoped to serve at breakfast the next day, he was rather nervous. Then, a man named "Chuck" showed up out of the blue. As it transpired, he was from the local food bank... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here

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